La Crosse County, WI
WI Department of Agriculture #477113
501(c)3 Approved

La Crosse, Monroe and Vernon Counties, WI
WI Department of Agriculture #477113
501(c)3 Approved

Who we are:

The striking Driftless Area is unique and beautiful in many ways, from
breathtaking landscapes to its genuine Midwestern charm. When
people think of this distinctive locale, several things come to mind:
cheese curds, the Mississippi River, football…a dog rescue?

Yes! A dog rescue! One of the most magnificent benefits of the
Coulee Region is a progressive mindset when it comes to the
well-being of our companion animals. Stray Souls Animal Rescue was
born when its founders realized that not all cultures attach the same
value to our furry friends, which creates an overpopulation crisis in
other areas. Overcrowding, notably in the South, leaves dogs
homeless, neglected and in danger of euthanasia in large shelters.
Since July of 2018, SSAR has worked with these shelters and rescues
who are fighting to provide placements for their huge surplus of
unwanted dogs.


The Stray Souls mission is to secure homes for dogs and puppies that are struggling to find families. With love, education and a strong community presence, SSAR hopes to reduce the number of adoptable dogs that are unnecessarily euthanized for time and space in regions where shelters are always at or beyond capacity.

Pathway to Forever

Through our foster-based system, each dog or puppy removed from jeopardy will be given a temporary family who will love it like their own until just the right forever home can be found. This strategy gives our foster parents intimate knowledge of each dog–his needs, her loves, his strengths and her quirks– and allows all of them to put their best paw forward on the pathway to forever.

Stray Souls Animal Rescue

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WI Dept. Of Ag #477113
501(c)3 Approved

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Stray Souls Animal Rescue

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WI Dept. Of Ag #477113
501(c)3 Approved

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