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Thank you for considering adoption! In order to qualify to adopt a Stray Soul, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Own your own home or have landlord approval for dog ownership
  • Provide proof, via a veterinary reference check, that any resident dog(s) have up-to-date veterinary care


Puppies under one year old* = $300
Dogs one year old or older = $200

Adoption fee Includes:

Spay or Neuter*
Parasite Prevention

Age Appropriate Vetting Is Also Included:

Negative Heart Worm Test

*Puppies that are deemed unqualified for alteration due to size or age will require an additional $100 deposit that shall be refunded upon proof of surgery.
**SSAR reserves the right to alter adoption fees based on age, special needs or individual circumstances.


Fill out an adoption application.

Our foster family or administrative agent will then perform the necessary checks as outlined above and contact you to update you on the status of your application and of the dog you have selected.

A discussion with the foster family can help you to determine if Rover is right for you and it is a good time to ask questions about personality, behaviors, training and health. If the match seems to be a good one, a meeting will be arranged. Adoptions can be finalized the same day as the meeting by completing an adoption contract and paying the appropriate fee. Congratulations on adopting your new best friend!!


When is your shelter open for meeting dogs?

SSAR does not have a facility. All of our dogs are in area foster homes. Hours for meetings will be discussed with the individual foster families after an application is approved.

Can I meet more than one dog?

You CAN meet more than one dog, but not at the same time. Because we are foster-based, dogs may be located many miles from one another. If you do choose to meet a second or third dog, SSAR cannot guarantee that your initial choice(s) will still be available when a decision to adopt is made.

What if I meet a dog and am not sure if I want to adopt?

Sometimes there is an immediate click. Sometimes a little more work is needed to make an adoption succeed, especially when other pets are involved. Do not adopt if you are unsure. Most foster parents will set up a second meeting if it appears there is great promise in helping you to make the right choice.

Should I bring my dog(s) to a meet with a potential new addition?

You know your dog best. With two (or more) adult dogs potentially becoming a family, we strongly encourage a meeting between them in hopes that there will be a sibling bond.

What if I adopt and change my mind?

We encourage adopters to be patient with their new family friend after adoption. We also encourage them to do their research before adopting to prevent misunderstandings. Knowledge of the breed, training & housing plans, and exercise requirements should all be considered prior to adoption. Discussions with the foster family can provide much of this information. If you feel, after adopting, that you have made the wrong choice, please contact SSAR to discuss options and/or reclamation of the dog.

Do I get my money back if I return a dog?

No. Unless it is an unforeseen and unpreventable circumstance, the adoption fee is non-refundable, per the adoption contract.

But this puppy is NOT what I expected...

Stray Souls represents dogs and puppies to the best of our knowledge with much emphasis placed on honest assessments. Breeds are often guessed by veterinarians at our partnering shelters and rescues and do not always reflect our ideas. It is entirely possible that your puppy is NONE of the breeds listed in his medical history and is growing up to be something you did not expect. All of us in the Stray Souls Family would like to thank you for loving him anyway. After all, Rescued is our favorite breed!

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