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Rescue is hard work. A labor of love, some call it. Despite its challenges, heartbreaks and difficulties, rescue offers a way for nearly anyone to help. We all can’t do everything, but everyone can do something, and we all have come to realize that each day with a treasured friend is a gift. Without dedicated fosters, our dogs have no place to go and will never receive the gift of furever. Adopters give them this gift. Advocates and volunteers make sure people understand the value of the gift and donations are always needed to make sure the gifts keep coming.


Are you interested in becoming a foster family? Stray Souls is actively recruiting new foster families! Becoming a foster is easy and could be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever experienced. As a foster family, you are the key to putting Fido on the path to forever. You may help him with manners. You might have to teach him where to potty. You could witness the glow of amazement the first time she holds a toy, receives a treat or sees the snow. You are the magician that turns the unwanted into the invaluable. You are the bridge between lost and life.

Fostering is the grandparent experience, but with dogs! You get to love them and play with them, influence their lives, and then give them away to their furever parents. There is no cost involved. Anything you might need will be provided by Stray Souls, if you wish, including (but not limited to): food, kennels, puppy kisses and so much love!

The average stay for a Stray Soul is less than two weeks, though it may be as short as a few hours or last beyond a month. At any rate, it is a temporary commitment that will feature support and tutoring from the SSAR administrative team, as well as our awesome veteran fosters. When you join the Stray Souls foster program, you truly become part of a family…a close-knit community with one common goal: saving lives.


How long will I have a foster dog?

This is on a case-by-case basis, but usually Stray Souls find their forever families in under two weeks. If this is not the case, we ask that our fosters be both patient and honest as we fight to find the right family for each dog.

What does fostering cost me?

Stray Souls will pay for all fees incurred while fostering a Stray Soul, including food, veterinary care, boarding, and toys. Most of our fosters, however, do choose to provide their own food and gear.

How will I choose my foster dog?

With beginning fosters, administration often assigns a dog or puppy based on the foster’s wishes, such as “cat friendly”, “old and mellow” or “house trained”. After a successful foster or two, fosters will select their own dogs from a lineup of fine canines we have “tagged” to come to rescue.

What if my foster dog is not working out in my household?

Like an adoptive home, a foster home’s two most valuable resources are love and patience. It might not be all rainbows and roses on the first day, but often, with enough time to decompress, most dogs will settle nicely into their foster homes. If there are irreconcilable differences, actions will be taken to better place the dog.

Do I have any other responsibilities?

Yes. Experienced fosters are responsible, in most cases, for vetting applications and performing reference checks. Fosters will also set up their own meet and greets based on their personal schedules. A foster may be required to schedule a veterinary appointment if the need for one arises.

What happens if I want to keep my foster dog?

This is called a “foster fail”. Most fosters know when they begin fostering if they are prepared for a new resident dog, but sometimes a little extra love sneaks up on us all. If you feel you may be in danger of failing, you have one week to make that choice and fill out adoption papers. After the initial period has passed, your dog will be available to others.

What is foster-to-adopt?

Foster-to-adopt is fostering with the intent of failing…or the hope of it. Foster-to-adopt families are either families who are very certain about adopting a particular dog and choose to “eliminate the middleman” of another foster OR have special circumstances that may require a trial period to determine compatibility. In the event an F2A declines to adopt the dog, that family will continue to serve as the pooch’s foster until a forever family is found.


The Stray Souls Family believes that knowing better leads to doing better. According to the ASPCA, 40% of dog owners learned about their pet through word of mouth. That means that your voice matters! The ASPCA also reports that over 1/3 of dogs that found homes were through breeders while only 23% were from rescues and shelters. That means that your voice has work to do.

Almost 2,000 unwanted dogs are euthanized in this nation each day and, shockingly, that number is down from previous years. This drop is due to voices like ours…like yours. SSAR believes that every adoption matters but we want people to know and do better. Education is the key to reducing this still appalling euthanasia rate.

You can advocate in MANY ways! TALK to your friends and family. Encourage spay and neuter. Share social media posts. Purchase merchandise with proactive messages. VOLUNTEER! (For volunteering opportunities within SSAR, please send an email inquiry to Every voice is important as we come together to champion those with no voices. They may be silent, but their impact is LOUD! Be LOUD with them…FOR them! Use your words!


While the Stray Souls Family is “all about the dogs”, we know that we are only as good as the people who stand with us and behind us. SSAR would like to thank the following services, people and businesses for showing us the much-appreciated support we need to keep rescuing. Your kindness and generosity inspire us and help push us forward each and every day. From our partnering veterinarians to our hosts, builders and advertisers, SSAR recognizes you as true top dogs!


Last, but most certainly not least, is the Stray Souls Family itself. Made up of loving foster families from the surrounding area, passionate volunteers, and a dedicated administrative team, the people of SSAR come together as a true family to further the Stray Souls mission. 

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